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Please note that class times are subject to availability and bookings can be made up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance

Lesson Payments

State Swim’s direct debit monthly payment system is designed to create flexibility for our customers ensuring that valuable 'Learn to Swim' classes are easily accessible.

Family Discounts

For information regarding family discounts, please review you preferred schools Timetable and Fees downloads from each school location.


All fees are paid by Direct Debit on the first business day (Monday to Friday) of each month.

Direct Debit details can now be added or amended via the State Swim App or at Reception.


If a swimmer misses two consecutive weeks or more in the same month through illness or family holidays, we offer a 50% reduction for that month.

Should you miss intermittently eg. less than two weeks or days here and there then full monthly fees apply. (Please note that there is no family discount if half fees are paid)