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State Swim Challenge

Open to swimmers from Dolphin - Squads

The State Swim Challenge is a fresh and energised event with a focus on encouraging and recognising achievement in an innovative way.

Our aim is for every child to demonstrate strength and confidence in the water by being able to swim 400m continuous freestyle before leaving primary school. Swimmers in our adult program are also encouraged to take up the Challenge (Ask at reception for further details). Swimmers from Dolphin upwards are able to attempt the Challenge - a non-stop freestyle swim of either; 50 Bronze, 100 Silver, 200 Gold or 400 Platinum.

All successful swimmers will be introduced on the State Swim Dais, receive a medal and time card and have their photo taken in recognition of their achievement!! These photos will be displayed at the Swim School for a month before being presented to the swimmer as a memento of the event.

Swimmers who successfully complete the 400 Platinum will also have the opportunity to be recognised on their schools' Top 100 Honour List.