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The Squad Programme is designed to give young swimmers experience in a large number of exciting and varied activities.

The State Swim Squad Program is designed to cater both for the swimmer aspiring to swim competitively and potentially join a local swimming club as well as the swimmer wanting to maintain a sound level of fitness and continue to enjoy the water.

Attaining this goal is quite an achievement as it means you have reached a good standard in your four main strokes. Squad swimming maintains the standard you have achieved, important Racing Turns, as well as improving your general fitness.

Squad Programme

You have reached a level in swimming that enables you to have a good knowledge of strokes, now it is important that you maximise your swimming as a member of our Squad Programme.

These include:

  • Inter-school Carnivals
  • Superswims
  • State Swim Challenge
  • Long Distance Days
  • Special Event Days

Squad Programs

Squad bronze o

Squad Bronze

  • duration icon Duration
    60 mins
  • size icon Class Size
Squad silver o

Squad Silver

  • duration icon Duration
    60 mins
Squad gold o

Squad Gold

  • duration icon Duration

Squad Super Swims

These events are held monthly where possible and every member of the squad will have the opportunity to swim several events (subject to time and entries).

The times for each swimmer will be recorded and if times are an improvement on previous swims, Super Swim Cards will be presented. When a total of 10, 20 and 30 Super Swim Cards are collected a medal will be presented. When 50 cards have been achieved a trophy will be awarded to the swimmer


State Swim hosts two carnivals per year, encouraging swimmers to experience swimming in a carnival atmosphere. These events promote ‘participation’ rather than a ‘win at all costs’ mentality. There are great prizes to be won, along with medals, ribbons and of course lots of fun on the day.