Mascot large seahorse


The aim of this class is to teach toddlers to enjoy the water and gain respect for the aquatic environment.

Children will be introduced to skills including freestyle and backstroke kicking with a pod board, paddling, breath control, submerging, basic floats, and jumping into the water with recovery to the surface encouraging returning to the bar unaided. Goggles may be used for submersion skills for part of the class, however, for certain sections of the class we suggest that swimmers attempt these skills without the use of goggles.

Flotation aids are used for the majority of the class but swimmers are encouraged to practice skills without floats under instructor supervision for part of the class.

As swimmers increase in confidence, we encourage less reliance on fully inflated flotation aids to aid in independent swimming without floats. Our goal is for children to be able to swim 10m without floats before progressing to the Penguin or Seal class.

Major Milestones

Mascot seahorse


  • Solo swim with arm floats
  • 15m swim with arm floats
  • Pushing off the bar and swimming without arm floats
  • 10m swim without arm floats
  • Floating on back without arm floats
  • Jump in and return to the bar unaided