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Tadpoles / Frogs

Key Learning Skills

We believe that there are many advantages in starting children at this age both physically and mentally. The most important being:

  • Water familiarisation
  • Exercise and development of motor skills
  • Bonding between parent and child
  • Social interaction for child, parent and all participants

These classes are the ideal opportunity to introduce your baby to the aquatic environment through the use of rhymes and activity. Such skills as submerging, floating and the promotion of movement through water are developed.

Please note: Our Tadpole and Frog classes require a parent or caregiver to be in the water with your baby.

We emphasise to parents that by joining this program they are not absolving themselves of the responsibility of being constantly vigilant when they are near backyard swimming pools. These youngsters may be much safer than children who have not had the good fortune to have had this tuition, but they should never be placed in a situation where they are exposed to this danger.


Mascot tadpoles


  • Freefall unaided from wall or mat
  • Submerge with confidence
  • Water familiarisation
  • Holding onto the pool edge
Mascot frogs


  • Submerge with recovery to surface
  • Jumping into the pool and kicking to the surface
  • Climbing out of the pool unaided
  • Independent swimming with floats
  • Back float with floats